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(Wolbrink et al, Journal of Intensive Care Medicine 2018)

Welcome to LearnPICU! This site contains summaries of core topics in pediatric critical care medicine. It also includes quick medication and equipment references, a collection of procedural videos, a summary of key articles, board-type questions, a survival guide, and more. Whether you are a medical student or a seasoned intensivist, we hope you find the resources here helpful. 

Recent News

March 10 In a comparative effectiveness study by Kochanek et al looking at children who received hyperosmolar therapy for intracranial hypertension, bolus administration of HTS was associated with better outcomes (ICP and CPP) than mannitol. 

August 10 BASICS Trial (JAMA) shows no difference in critically adults receiving balanced fluids vs. normal saline. 

March 8 Updated version of Ric Pierce's (PICU faculty at Yale) PICU Book now available

February 26 VICTAS trial finds no outcome differences in adults with sepsis randomized to IV vitamin C, thiamine, and hydrocortisone versus placebo. (VICTAS, Servansky et al, JAMA 2021)

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The site began as Custer's Core Curriculum and was named in honor of Dr. Joseph Custer, founder of the pediatric intensive care unit at C.S. Mott Children's Hospital, a teacher and mentor to countless fellows, residents, and medical students, and who taught us that when it comes down to it, "the air goes in and out and the blood goes round and round."  

Dr. Joseph Custer

We hope you find the site helpful and welcome any comments or suggestions to improve its content and usefulness. Please contact Dr. Kevin Kuo, editor of the site, with any comments, questions, or suggestions.