Literature Summary

Major Literature

Gastric vs. Postpyloric Feeds

2009 American Society for Parental and Enteral Nutrition (ASPEN) Guideline in the PICU

2012 Surviving Sepsis Campaign Nutrition Guideline in the PICU

The most recent meta-analysis that includes trials from pediatric and adult population:


2013 Gastric vs. Post-pyloric Feeding on the Incidence of PNA in ICU (Jiyong) (attached)

A deeper look at the 2 randomized studies only including the pediatric population from the above meta-analysis:


2004 Gastric vs. Small Bowel Feeding in Children Receiving Mechanical Ventilation (Meert) (attached)

2008 Use of Methylene Blue to Detect Subclinical Aspiration in Enterally Fed Intubated Pediatric Pts (Kamat) (attached)

An interesting randomized study in the adult population NOT included in the above meta-analysis:


2012 Early NJ vs. NG Nutrition in Critical Illness (Davies)

Bottom Line