Mechanical Ventilation

Normal Values & Basic Concepts

Figure 1: The Pressure Volume Loop

Time Constants, Courtesy of Richard Pierce, MD

Figure 2: Lung Volumes and Capacities

Respiratory Physiology

Variables in Mechanical Ventilation

OPENPediatrics Ventilator Simulator

Modes of Ventilation

Figure 3: Waveforms (Pressure, Flow and Volume over time) in Pressure and Volume Modes



Figure 4: Mean Airway Pressure is the integral (area under the curve) of Pressure and Time

General Ventilator Settings and Goals

Healthy Lungs

"Sick" Lungs

Extubation Readiness

Process of Extubation:

Kit Newth's article review of Extubation Readiness (PCCM 2009)

Utility of Daily Chest X-Rays (CXR)

Pulmonary Equations etc.

Courtesy of Richard Pierce, MD