Board Questions

1. Which of the following is not a recommended treatment for bronchiolitis?

a) supplemental oxygen

b) high flow nasal cannula

c) chest physiotherapy

d) trial of albuterol

2. Approximately what percentage of intubated bronchiolitis patients will have a bacterial superinfection? 

a) <5%

b) 25%

c) 40%

d) 70%

3. Which of the following is most associated with improved outcomes with bronchiolitis?

a) Steroids

b) Ribavarin

c) Heliox

d) Hypertonic Saline 


1. C. Chest physiotherapy has not been shown to improve outcomes or respiratory parameters in infants with bronchiolitis and may lead to irritation and worsened work of breathing

2. C. Thorburn and colleagues found 40% of intubated bronchiolitis patients had evidence of bacterial coinfection. 

3. D Of all the choices, only inhaled hypertonic saline has shown some improvement in outcomes, with reduced length of stay and improved clinical scores in one Cochrane review