Board Questions

1. Which is the greatest reported risk factor for CAUTI in the pediatric ICU? 

a) Placement of catheter in the operating room

b) Duration of urinary catheterization

c) Use of temperature sensing catheter

d) Mechanical ventilation

2. Which is the currently preferred method for GI prophylaxis in the PICU ? 

a) H2 Blocker

b) Proton Pump Inhibitor

c) Sucralfate

d) Post-pyloric feeds


1. B- Duration of catheterization is the most important risk factor for CAUTI. Hence, urinary catheters should be evaluated daily for their continued need and if no longer indicated, should be removed to reduce the incidence of CAUTI.

2. A- H2 blockers are currently the preferred method for GI prophylaxis in the PICU. PPI's, sucralfate, and H2 blockers have all been shown to be efficacious in pediatric patients. However, sucralfate has been shown to be less effective than H2 blockers in adult patients (Cook et al, NEJM 1998)